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Hats Illustrated

Some patrons have expressed confusion concerning the previous post “…Enlarges Hat”.  Here the concept is illustrated.

img003 (2)

That was then.  This is now:


And this is another thang altogether.


I trust this clarifies the issue… until the next hat.

Ladies and Gentlemen– THE SANDWICH RANGERS!

This newborn group consisting of Lisa Ferguson, Jonno Deveneau, Dick Hodges, and yours truly, Doug Hazard, is dedicated to bringing out the fullness, the jamness and the funness of Lisa’s songs, Hazard songs, and songs by the great songwriters that we love– Prine, Hiatt, Waits, Leonard Cohen, Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle and a whole bunch of other damn Texans…

Here to start is one of Lisa’s fine tunes.  More to follow.


And here’s one of mine. Pretty good for our third gig, if I do say so.


And here, from our seconds gig, is our closer, a Tom Waits classic.

Coming Soon: Videos

There are two current projects:

  1.  Is to finish rerecording the Dangerous Folksinger album (originally released on tape only, 1986),  and
  2.  To make and “publish” some videos.  So far I have been unable to acquire concert video that is cool to both see and hear.  Therefore I am recording solo performances in the studio, and recording video as well.  Hopefully a post soon will announce their availability!