The Last Gig

Hazard & Heimlich played their first gig in 1973 at The Bull and Barrel in Philadelphia. They played their last gig at the end of February 2020 at The Corner House in Sandwich, NH, just before the world (as we know it) ended.

Here are recordings of seven songs that we played that evening. There are occasional missteps, wrong notes, or “clams” lurking in these renditions. But the spirit of H&H survives them– RAGGED BUT RIGHT!

Slip Sliding Away is a Paul Simon song that we have been playing for as long as I’ve been playing the mandolin, and that’s… a while now.

Slip Sliding Away

The Dolphins is a Fred Neil tune, and Fred’s tunes are the bedrock of the Hazard & Heimlich repertoire. Played here, as should be, on a 12-string

The Dolphins

Same Kind Of Crazy is a Delbert McClinton composition that Peter recorded on the Middle Ground CD, “Open Door.” I have a great deal of fun pretending my Martin is my Tele.

Same Kind Of Crazy

This is a mashup, origin unknown, of Solid Gone and Buffalo To Washington, the story of the death train of assassinated president William McKinley. A merging of the personal and the public? Or just a convenient splicing of two lyrics with the same music, like joining Abilene to Cocaine? You be the judge; fun anyhow.

Solid Gone/Buffalo To Washington

Peter heard this Son Volt song, written by Jay Farrar, on our local radio station, and promptly added it to the repertoire of our group Idol Hands. You can hear that version of Tear Stained Eye on the first Idol Hands album, The Old DoubleWide.. But here’s our live version from February 26.

Tear Stained Eye

Everybody’s Talkin’ is Fred Neil’s most famous tune, although many people don’t know he wrote it, or know his version. We’ve always loved it, and we still do.

Everybody’s Talkin’

Bill Morrissey lived in our neighborhood in the last part of his too-short life, and Peter was a friend of his. Me I was just a fanboy. Here’s one of Bill’s tunes that Peter has taken to doing. As you’ll hear, I didn’t have too good a grip on it in the opening bars, but I got it together before the end. We’ll end our concert page with Love Song NY.

Love Song NY