Here are videos of Doug Hazard, seated in the studio and standing in concert… or seated in concert.

Also of THE SANDWICH RANGERS, a new group consisting of Lisa Ferguson, Jonno Deveneau, Dick Hodges, and Doug Hazard.


Here to start off 2017, is a collection of 3 election-year songs.  All 3 are from a concert I gave in October, 2016 at The Little Church Theatre in Holderness, NH

Beginning back at the past, here’s “Ax to Grind,” written in the early 1980’s as I struggled to come to terms with our election of a handsome nap-taking actor. Some are finding it cathartic in 2017.


Next up, a rendition of my song written in 2008, before the election of Barack Obama, “The Tunnel at the End of the Light”, subtitled “White Men Vote Republican.”(Fortunately for Barack, and, I would say, for ALL of us, that year white women did not.)


And finally, “Blame The Victim,”  my song from the summer of 2016, which it upsets me just to sing… but I fear I’ll be called upon to do it for the next few years.


And speaking of presidents, here’s a mashup of “Solid Gone”, a lovelost lament nicely assembled from standard blues lines, with a little bit of “Baltimore To Washington,” aka “McKinley’s White House Blues.”  This really belongs in a separate category:  Presidents who’ve been shot.

I don’t know how these songs got mashed together.  If you have some idea, please write to me:  my first name @ doughazard dot com.





This first one from my basement studio is an old Fred Neil classic.  Fred was the J.D. Salinger of the sixties’ folk scene.


This is from a solo concert at the Sandwich Arts Center, Center Sandwich, NH, on November 7, 2015.  It’s the title song of my latest album.  Available on CD Baby, and as download from the usual sources.
This is my 2008 election year song.



The Sandwich Rangers


Here they are:  The Sandwich Rangers!   Live at the Sorliens’ Unfinished House Concert, 11/20/15.  Here’s one of Lisa’s fine songs that we all enjoy playing.


And here’s one of mine.  My newest.


While this is one of my oldest.


This was our closer at our second ever gig– the Tom Waits classic.