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Welcome to 2017! Songs about elections

On the Videos page, I’ve made a section of election-year compositions.

First, “Ax to Grind“, written after the election of 1980.  Some folks are finding it cathartic here in 2017.

Next: “The Tunnel at the End of the Light“, written before the election of Barack Obama in 2008, and subtitled “White Men Vote Republican”.  I turned out to be as surprised by that election as by 2016’s, so clearly I’m no pundit.

And finally, “Blame The Victim“, written in the summer of 2016.”

Also newly posted is a folkie fingerpicking mashup of “Solid Gone” and “Baltimore To Washington“, also sometimes known as “McKinley’s White House Blues“. This could be a part of a section called “US Presidents Who’ve Been Shot,”  but that would be a separate piece.

New Song – New Video – “Blame The Victim!”

This new song is the first posted video from my recent concert at the Little Church Theatre in Holderness, NH  (Sept. 17, 2016)

As the saying goes:  For every problem there is a solution which is simple, straightforward, commonsensical, and WRONG.  Thus this illustration,  Blame The Victim.

The video, live at the concert, is on the video page.

The Latest Hat

Here’s my newest, from the Ossipee Valley Ag Fair, July 10, 2016.   Along with Kim and Sam Tracy, and their new hats.

It makes me feel like Michael Madsden in Kill Bill Vol. 2.

PS  Remind me to suck it in when being photographed.Ag Fair Hats

(Almost) Summer 2016! and lots going on

It’s shaping up to be a busy summer for Doug Hazard solo gigs, Doug Hazard mandolin gigs, and Sandwich Rangers gigs.  Check out the updated Appearances tab for a complete list.

Also, recording is continuing on the remake of “Dangerous Folksinger” and progress is being made– honest!

Hats Illustrated

Some patrons have expressed confusion concerning the previous post “…Enlarges Hat”.  Here the concept is illustrated.

img003 (2)

That was then.  This is now:


And this is another thang altogether.


I trust this clarifies the issue… until the next hat.

Ladies and Gentlemen– THE SANDWICH RANGERS!

This newborn group consisting of Lisa Ferguson, Jonno Deveneau, Dick Hodges, and yours truly, Doug Hazard, is dedicated to bringing out the fullness, the jamness and the funness of Lisa’s songs, Hazard songs, and songs by the great songwriters that we love– Prine, Hiatt, Waits, Leonard Cohen, Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle and a whole bunch of other damn Texans…

Here to start is one of Lisa’s fine tunes.  More to follow.


And here’s one of mine. Pretty good for our third gig, if I do say so.


And here, from our seconds gig, is our closer, a Tom Waits classic.

Coming Soon: Videos

There are two current projects:

  1.  Is to finish rerecording the Dangerous Folksinger album (originally released on tape only, 1986),  and
  2.  To make and “publish” some videos.  So far I have been unable to acquire concert video that is cool to both see and hear.  Therefore I am recording solo performances in the studio, and recording video as well.  Hopefully a post soon will announce their availability!